BIB3023 - Poetic and Wisdom Literature

Course Description

An exegetical study focusing on the historical, literary, and theological dimensions of the poetic and wisdom literature in the Old Testament. Prerequisites: Introduction to the Old Testament and Biblical Interpretation

Course Objectives

The following are intended learning outcomes specific to this course:

  1. Know the content and themes of the Poetic & Wisdom books of the Old Testament.
  2. Recognize characteristics of Hebrew poetry.
  3. Appreciate the use of the Psalms in personal and corporate worship.
  4. Understand the historical, social, and literary contexts of the Poetic & Wisdom books of the Old Testament.
  5. Identify various forms (genres) and corresponding functions of biblical poetic material.
  6. Understand the purpose and function of wisdom literature in Ancient Israel.
  7. Know the theological messages reflected in the Poetic and Wisdom books of the Old Testament.
  8. Develop an introductory knowledge of the Wisdom books in the Apocrypha.
  9. Apply appropriate interpretations of passages from the Poetic & Wisdom books to Christian living.

The following are competencies for Ministry as outlined in the Sourcebook for Ministerial Development that will be addressed in this course:

  1. Ability to identify the literary structure, the theological concepts and main story line of the Old Testament (CN-1).
  2. Ability to describe the historical and cultural contexts of the major sections of the Old Testament (CN-2).
  3. Ability to exegete a passage of Scripture using contextual, literary, and theological analysis (CN-6).

Course Prerequisites

Introduction to the Old Testament and Biblical Interpretation.