BIB3123SP - Libros Históricos

Course Description


Un estudio exegético centrado en las dimensiones históricas, literarias y teológicas de los libros históricos del Antiguo Testamento.

Course Objectives


The following are intended learning outcomes specific to this course:

  1. Recognize the history of ancient Israel from the period of the Judges to the late postexilic period.
  2. Understand the theories regarding the emergence of the nation of Israel in biblical times.
  3. Distinguish the character and message of the Deuteronomic History from the Chronicler's History.
  4. Identify the major themes and content reflected in the Old Testament Historical Books.
  5. Explain the theological messages evident in the Old Testament Historical Books.

The following are competencies for Ministry as outlined in the Sourcebook for Ministerial Development that the student will address by completing this course:

Course Prerequisites

Introducción al Antiguo Testamento e Interpretación Bíblica.