CEM4113 - Multiple Staff and Team Ministries

Course Description

The course will examine the dynamics that play a role in the forming and performance of a local church staff as a ministry team. Moreover, the course will address the associated characteristics and methodologies of team ministry relations, as well as the appropriateness of each in a local church context.


Course Objectives

The following learning objectives will be achieved by this course:

  1. To help the student develop a biblically based philosophy of ministry as it relates to the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the senior pastor, paid staff, and lay volunteers.
  2. To acquaint the student with standard models of church staff leadership and organization and relate them to the prescribed structures outlined in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.
  3. To acquaint the student with principles and methods for functioning effectively as a member of a ministry team and for facilitating the development and maintenance of effective ministry teams.
  4. To acquaint the student with resources that can assist him or her to continually grow and improve as a ministry team member.

The following competencies as outlined in the (SOURCEBOOK) to meet the educational requirements for Ordination within the Church of the Nazarene will be achieved by completing this course:

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.