MPP1752 - Supervised Ministry Experience

Course Description

A course designed to take place as the student completes their MPP classes through which the student will integrate classroom learning with ministry experience. This class shall include a demonstration of significant ministry experience of at least 100 hours of ministry practice based upon 35 ministry skills as outlined in the course and an understanding for each student of ways his or her education will support ministry. The course requires a pastor-mentor relationship with someone who has had at least five years experience in the area of ministry the student is pursuing. The student will also establish a Congregational Support Team comprised of three lay leaders in his/her local church. The Pastor/Mentor and CST Members will serve as consultants and evaluators throughout the Supervised Ministry Experience.

Course Objectives

The following learning goals will be achieved by this course:

  1. To integrate and synergize academics with ministerial practice.
  2. To provide practical experience under the supervision of a mentor in a variety of ministry experiences.
  3. To allow students to evaluate their ministry commitments and competencies.
  4. To encourage the student's personal and professional growth.
  5. To provide the opportunity to enhance leadership, management, and relational skills in the establishment of an overall plan for the Supervised Ministry Experience.
  6. To allow the student to compare educational and life experiences based upon 35 identifiable ministry skills as outlined in the syllabus through supervised experiential learning.
  7. To provide the opportunity for the student to compose a portfolio which is not only a record of the SME, but will continue to serve as a ministry resource tool.

The following are Competencies for Ministry as outlined in the Sourcebook on Ordination USA that will be addressed in this course:

Supervised Ministry Experience Portfolio: The student is required to create a portfolio for assessing personal and professional growth. This portfolio includes periodic self-assessment and assessment by their pastor mentor and NBC course facilitator.The portfolio will be examined and graded by the pastor/mentor.  The student is advised to present their portfolio to their studies board as proof of their completion of the Supervised Ministry Experience and validation of being mentored by an experienced minister.


Ministry Skills and Competencies
Review and/or perform thirty-five ministry skills common to pastoral ministries in the local church context under the supervision of a pastor-mentor, congregational support team and an NBC course facilitator. These skills will be based upon the ministry principles learned from an approved course of study for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene as reflected in the following ability statements established by USA/Canada COSAC Sourcebook on Ordination. The student will develop a portfolio for assessing personal growth in content, competency, character and contextual ministry. This portfolio will include periodic self-assessment and assessment by significant others.

These assessments would evaluate the minister in the "KNOW" categories.


These assessments would evaluate the minister in the "DO" categories.


These assessments would evaluate the minister in the "BE" categories.


These assessments would evaluate the minister in the ability to contextualize ministry.

Course Prerequisites

This is generally the last module taken. Unless given special permission, no MPP Student should be enrolled in this course until they are approaching completion of the program.