PAS1013 - Introduction to Christian Service

Course Description

An exploration of a Christian's call to service and ministry and the nurture and development of that call within the context of contemporary society.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course a student will:

  1. More fully comprehend the God-created persons they are and are called to be.
  2. Better understand the ministry to which God has called them.
  3. Embrace the necessity to further develop their ministerial knowledge and skills.
  4. Envision the incarnation of their call to ministry in present and future contexts.

The following are Competencies for Ministry as outlined in the Sourcebook on Ordination USA that will be addressed in this course:

  1. CN11 Ability to describe the mission and practice of the Church throughout its history.
  2. CP4 Ability to lead congregations in the biblical stewardship of life resources.
  3. CH4 Ability to pursue holy character (Christlikeness) by practicing faith formation and the classic Christian disciplines as means of grace.
  4. CH6 Ability to articulate his or her call from God to ministry as affirmed by the Church.
  5. CH7 Ability to demonstrate a realistic self-understanding including personal strengths, gifts, weaknesses, and areas of needed growth.
  6. CH8 Ability to practice holistic stewardship (mutual submission in gender relationships, sexual purity, marriage and family, personal finance, professional conduct, practicing Sabbath, etc.).

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.