NBC Award Recipients
NBC Award Recipients

NBC Awards Virtual Chapel

NBC celebrated an AWARDS Chapel on Wednesday, May 25. NBC faculty and staff gathered for their weekly virtual chapel service. They were joined by three NBC students – Michelle Barnett, Maureen Jones, and Paul Geaglone.

Three awards were presented. Two students received the General Superintendents Ministerial Scholarship Award and one student received the Evangelism Award.

The General Superintendents Ministerial Scholarship Fund was created for Nazarene students called into the preaching ministry and attending Nazarene colleges. Its primary purpose is to encourage undergraduate ministerial students to be active in preaching as they pursue their ministerial training.  The program seeks to assist schools in developing a generation of preachers inclined toward evangelism.

Rev. Maureen Jones (Northern Michigan District) and Rev. Michelle Barnett (Northeastern Indiana District) were the recipients of the 2022-2023 General Superintendents scholarship.

Maureen is a Pastoral Ministries major and called to preach. She is district licensed and serves the Church of Discovery (Nazarene) in Cadillac, Michigan. Maureen is a strong student, burdened for her community’s maturing and often neglected members, passionate about reaching the unsaved, and dedicated to declaring God’s Word faithfully.

Michelle is a Pastoral Ministries major and called to preach.  She is district licensed and serves the Crossroads Community Church of the Nazarene in Goshen, Indiana.  Michelle is a great student, burdened for her community’s underserved, passionate about reaching the unsaved, and the faithful declaration of God’s Word.

The Evangelism Award is provided by the Chic Shaver Center for Evangelism. The Center recognizes the importance of highlighting evangelism among our pastors and people. Therefore, they have established this Evangelism Award for a graduating senior or a student entering his or her senior year who “shows the greatest concern for, and effectiveness in, reaching lost people for Christ.”

This year, NBC was pleased to present the Evangelism Award to 2022 NBC Graduate, Paul Geaglone (Los Angeles District). He graduated from NBC on May 28, 2022 with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, with a major in Bible and Theology.

Community involvement is very important to Paul. He feels it is a way to not only give to the needy, but to know them as well. Every Saturday, Paul and his pastor have “Saturday Breakfast.” It is time for the community to have a restaurant style meal with a loving Bible study. After breakfast and Bible study, they open up the showers, washing machine, dryer, and give haircuts to the people who come. On average, they help over 40-50 people a Saturday.

Paul also walks the park near his house that has countless homeless and drugged people living there. He not only brings the Good News, but brings food, clothes, and two laptops to help some of them find jobs or aid from the Government. Paul feels that the laptops are a game changer for some.

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NBC Awards Chapel

Recorded: Wednesday, May 25th, 2022 (Morning Service)

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