David Church and Terry Lambright - New NBC Emeriti
David Church and Terry Lambright - New NBC Emeriti

Newly Elected Emeriti

Administrators and faculty who serve Nazarene Bible College with the equivalent of at least ten (10) years of full-time service to NBC, and whose service has been exemplary and noteworthy, may be granted emeritus status.

It was NBC’s privilege to honor two such persons during the 2022 Commencement program. These two newly elected emeriti have joined the ranks of twelve other men and women who have served the college with distinction and are now professors or administrators emeriti.

Dr. David M. Church has served Nazarene Bible College for thirteen years. He came to the school after completing his 35-year career at General Motors. His work for the company took him from Indiana to Brazil to South Korea before he landed in Colorado Springs upon retirement. While the auto company was his primary employer, Dave served the Kingdom of God as a co-vocational minister, leading and serving in congregations wherever they lived, while General Motors paid his salary.

Dr. Church’s move to the Springs in 2008, coincided with the college’s launch of its new Leadership & Ethics major. He served as the director of the program before taking on enrollment related responsibilities, and eventually assuming the role of Vice President of Enrollment Management in 2014. His years of service in that role were noted for their innovation and renovation as he reorganized and reprioritized the college’s recruitment and enrollment efforts. The college’s relationships with the Church of the Nazarene, its districts in the USA/CA region, and the four US territories of The Salvation Army are stronger and deeper because of his efforts.

While officially retired (again!) as of December 31, 2021, Dr. Church continues to serve the college as an assistant to the president, focusing on enhancing the school’s institutional research and strategic relationships.

Nazarene Bible College was honored to acknowledge Dr. David Church’s contributions to NBC and to the Church, and we celebrate his new status as Vice President Emeritus of Nazarene Bible College.

Dr. Terry L. Lambright has been a part of Nazarene Bible College since 1991. His tenure spans more than half of the life of the institution. He initially served as a professor of music, literature, and English, but eventually focused on psychology, spiritual formation, and counseling. He was a founding faculty member of the campus-based Christian Counseling major, which began in 1998, as well as the online-based Counseling for Christian Ministries major, launched in 2008. The cohorts of students that have completed those majors, uniformly point to Dr. Lambright as a pivotal influence on their lives.

Dr. Lambright is widely regarded for his contribution to the learning, lives, and ministries of all of his students. He is known for his commitment to NBC’s mission, his personal investment in the men he mentors, his comradery with his fellow faculty members, and his droll humor, to which he would say (if he had the chance), “I don’t accept this honor, but I do deserve it!”

While Dr. Lambright is ending his time of service at NBC, he will continue to serve men and women through his counseling practice, mentor the men who are a part of his spiritual formation retreats and look to him for guidance, and encourage the college to fulfill its mission “to prepare adults to evangelize, disciple, minister to the world.”

Nazarene Bible College was honored to acknowledge Dr. Terry Lambright’s contributions to NBC and to the Church, and we celebrate his new status as Professor Emeritus - Counseling of Nazarene Bible College.

Filed Under: Communicator Published: 06/08/2022

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