Celebrating NBC 2022 Graduates
Celebrating NBC 2022 Graduates

NBC Commencement 2022 Highlights

Nazarene Bible College celebrated the Commencement of 53 graduates on May 28, 2022, in Lenexa, Kansas. President Dr. Scott J. Sherwood, presided over the occasion and awarded the degrees and certificates. Provost Dr. Alan D. Lyke, had the honor of presenting the graduating class of 2022 and leading the Torch ceremony. The Commencement speaker was Dr. Terry L. Lambright, retiring Director of Christian Counseling and Counseling for Christian Ministries Programs. His moving address was entitled “The Intentional Life: Venturing Out.” (link to view below- it is worth the watch!)

During the last academic year (2021-2022), NBC helped over 950 students prepare for Christian ministry through its degree and non-degree programs.  In the 2021-2022 academic year, Nazarene Bible College enrolled over 260 students in degree courses. 250+ enrolled in non-degree courses, intending to complete their educational requirements for ordination at the NBC; and 420-some students enrolled in the non-degree courses they specifically needed to complete their ordination requirements.

The 2022 Commencement service conferred degrees and awarded certificates to the following students:

  • Thirty-one (31) graduates completed the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry degree.
  • One (1) graduate completed the requirements for the Associate of Arts in Ministry degree.
  • Twenty-one (21) students completed the requirements for the Ministry Preparation Program Certificate.

The graduates who completed the prescribed curriculum in Pastoral Ministries and Pastoral Leadership met the educational requirements for ordination as elder, as outlined in the Manual of the Church of the Nazarene.

Three-degree students, earlier elected as members of the Delta Epsilon Chi – ABHE Honor Society, were honored during the service: Paul Geaglone, Shelley Hadfield, and Timothy Pemberton. They achieved a cumulative grade point average of 3.70 or higher and exhibit exceptional Christian character and leadership ability.

17-degree graduates received and wore golden honor cords around their necks, displaying through their academic apparel that they graduated from NBC with honors.

Nazarene Bible College was honored to acknowledge Dr. David M. Church’s contributions to NBC and to the Church, and we celebrated his new status as Vice President Emeritus of Nazarene Bible College (for more detail see “Newly Elected Emeriti” article).

Nazarene Bible College was also honored to acknowledge Dr. Terry L. Lambright’s contributions to NBC and to the Church, and we celebrated his new status as Professor Emeritus – Counseling, of Nazarene Bible College (for more detail see “Newly Elected Emeriti” article).

Marshals contributed to ensuring the Commencement to be a dignified and memorable experience for graduates, their families and friends, and guests of the College.

  • The Faculty Marshal for 2022 was Dr. Thomas King.
  • The Marshals leading the graduates in the line of march were Rev. Mike and Mrs. Katy Finn.

For those who make up the Nazarene Bible College administration, faculty and staff, there is no better joy than seeing these called ones of God, fulfill their call to ministry by completing their ministerial preparation programs and ministry degrees.

Congratulations to NBC’s 2022 graduates!

View the 2022 NBC Commencement

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