For Men 18-25 years old
For Men 18-25 years old

Selective Service System

Dear Educational Leader, 

Thank you for your commitment and investment in today’s youth. Your guidance helps students become responsible and productive members of society. Under federal law, all males ages 18-25 years old are required to be registered with the Selective Service System. 

In prior school years, access to registration was included on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  To streamline the FAFSA application process, the registration information was removed from the form.  The unintended consequence of this action is that male students who fail to register risk losing access to educational loans, grants and scholarships, millions of jobs, free workforce training and a streamlined process for citizenship.  

Thousands of young men miss the opportunity to register because they are unaware of this federal requirement.  Please help us educate these students about the federal requirement and protect their futures by encouraging them to visit The registration process only takes a few moments to complete.      

If you have questions or need additional resources to help educate men on the importance of registration, members of your staff can contact Ms. Erin Courtney for help at Thank you for your support.   


Micheal A. Migliara 
Associate Director, Public and Intergovernmental A?airs Selective Service System 

Published: 10/13/2023

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