What a blessing!
What a blessing!

Our Daughters Did Prophesy!

by Rev. Dr. Tammy Carter

“Your Daughters Will Prophesy” was the theme of E2024, a gathering of over 800 women clergy, students, and male supporters from sister Wesleyan Holiness denominations across the United States and Canada in an airport hotel in Dallas, Texas; another nearly 300 participants joined online.

Our daughters did prophesy. The speakers were powerful, authentic, and straightforward in proclaiming God’s Word to the women gathered and the church listening. It was obvious that God was moving among our women leaders.

The powerful gathering of women clergy has faithfully convened biennially for the past 30 years. This gathering is a grace-filled reminder and affirmation to our women clergy of their value as leaders in the church. It is also a powerful illustration to the men present, mostly from significant leadership positions in the denominations, that our daughters are called, equipped, ordained, and ready to lead – ready to prophesy.

NBC student Tabby Lesko attended the WHWC conference for the first time at E2024. She commented, “The conference is like drinking from the fire hose.”  She expressed the experience of many women clergy who enjoy this gathering as “a welcomed body of women anointed for ministry walking hand in hand together.” Tabby recognized, “At times in the call, women often feel alone, yet this conference communicates in both words and actions that we are not alone.”

As a woman clergy leader in the Church of the Nazarene, I have been blessed to attend nearly all the gatherings over the past 30 years. In my experience, E2024 was the most professional, deeply impactful, and moving gathering WHWC has hosted. Special thanks to our Nazarene leaders, including Olivia Metcalf (WHWC president), Christine Hung, Janae Meyer, Ashley Gage, Christy Dickt, Robbie Cansler, and Sunie Stolhand.

The Church of the Nazarene has a historical commitment to ordaining women. This conference was a transformational reminder of God’s call for our daughters to prophesy – to live out the call and grace of God in a world deeply in need of a people who “respond to the holiness of God with overwhelming love” (Christine Hung). 

— Rev. Dr. Tammy Carter serves as Administrative Director at Global Education and Clergy Development for the Church of the Nazarene.

Published: 04/05/2024

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