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MPP Courses

MPP0111 - Basic Written Language I

Course Description

A study of basic English skills covering the essential elements of punctuation, usage, grammar, sentence structure, and reading comprehension. This course is required for all students scoring below 69 on the ETS ACCUPLACER proficiency examination in English usage and is taken in preparation for Basic Written Language II. (Credit for Basic Written Language I does not apply toward any degree offered by the college.)

Course Objectives

Students will achieve the following learning outcomes in this course:

  1. Improve writing skills through a basic understanding of standard written English with respect to sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar, mechanics, and punctuation.
  2. Build skills and proficiency in writing through various brief informal and formal writing assignments.
  3. Improve and increase vocabulary.
  4. Develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation techniques through exposure to various academic and literary genres.
  5. Employ the recursive writing process of planning, outlining, composing, revising, and reflecting to gain clarity of purpose and expression.
  6. Increase knowledge of learning strategies, tools, and resources available to NBC students for support in reading and writing well-crafted work.

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