NBC Institutional Scholarships


Various individuals and groups have established tuition scholarships at NBC. Additional information regarding those scholarships is available from the Director of Enrollment Management.

Nazarene Bible College limits Institutional Scholarships when scholarships, in combination with non-loan federal aid, gifts, and grants, exceed the actual billed cost of tuition, fees, and books. Should this occur said scholarships will be reduced to resolve any excess funding.

Established Scholarship Funds


Priority for institutional aid is given to full-time students with financial need who have earned a GPA of 3.0 or greater.

Students applying to receive an institutional scholarship must:

  • Complete a FAFSA application for the current school year
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of 4 credit hours per term

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For more information on scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office.

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Additional Scholarship Resources

Here is a list of useful scholarship databases. This is not a comprehensive list, but one that highlights some of the more widely used scholarship search engines. Our links do not take you directly to the scholarship itself, but to the main website through which you can search for the information that pertains to scholarships available.

NBC may recommend the following websites to guide you in searching for scholarship opportunities; however, we cannot guarantee the reliability of the source of the scholarship nor can we guarantee that you will not see objectionable content on any of the sites. It is our recommendation that you are careful in your pursuit of scholarships outside of NBC, which may include only searching for a specific sponsor, degree major, or intended occupation.

Most sites require that you fill out a profile so that they may research scholarships for you using specific criteria. Often they will give your contact information to colleges that might have a degree program that you are looking for, so you can expect to begin to get emails from colleges that are trying to recruit you.

Please be aware that there are scholarship scams throughout the internet and you should never have to pay money to receive legitimate scholarships or grants. If a website requests a payment for their services, we recommend that you do not use that site. Be aware that no scholarships or grants are guaranteed. For more information on scholarship scams visit the FTC's website.

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