About this Site

About this Site

Recommended Browsers and Settings

This Web site is best viewed using the latest versions of Chrome/Edge, Firefox, or Opera with viewer set at 1024x768 or higher with true color.

Designed for Speed and Convenience

In the development of the NBC Web, we consider 56k dial-up as the lowest possible connection speed, limiting the size and resolution of our graphics to promote fast loading and maintain a fairly low ratio of graphics to content.

Where feasible, we will let you know what to expect at the other end of a hot link so you can make a decision based both on content and your systems capabilities.

If you click on a link and it doesn't make a connection, it can be for several reasons:

  • The URL could have changed or moved to another server. It happens all the time. If a link is dead, we ask that you contact one of the Nazarene Bible College Internet Web Page Specialists via e-mail—Email.
  • The server may be busy. We find that some servers are very busy about midday and some URLs are busy all the time. If that is the case, all we can suggest is that you try those URLs later or earlier and eventually you will get through.
  • The server you are accessing could be under repair or being worked on. It happens.