Traditional Degree Program

Traditional Degree Structure

Bachelor of Arts in Ministry
Associate of Arts in Ministry

Nazarene Bible College offers two degrees-the Bachelor of Arts in Ministry (B.A.Min.) and the Associate of Arts in Ministry (A.A.Min.). The B.A.Min. degree is offered through two design structures-the traditional degree structure and the AdVantage accelerated degree structure. Both accredited college structures are offered online.

In the traditional degree structure, a B.A.Min. major can be taken in Bible and Theology, Christian Educational Ministries, Counseling for Christian Ministries, Hispanic Pastoral Ministries, Leadership and Ethics, Pastoral Leadership, or Pastoral Ministries. In addition to a major, it is possible to receive a minor in Christian Educational Ministries, Leadership and Ethics, or Pastoral Ministries.

The A.A. degree in Ministry (traditional degree structure only) offers concentrations in Christian Educational Ministries, Church Ministries, and Hispanic Pastoral Ministries.

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AdVantage Structure

AdVantage Program

Degree Completion Program

Have you ever wondered what might be different if you finished your college degree? A new job? A promotion? Or, maybe just the chance to finish what you started years ago? The good news is, now you can know! The NBC AdVantage program is designed for busy adults just like you, who desire to complete their adult education. In as little as two years, you can finish your degree by taking one class at a time via the NBC Online delivery platform.

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Ministry Preparation Program - NBC Variation

Fulfilling Education Requirements for Ordination

MPP provides college level education for completing the denominational course of study (COS) for ordination as elder in the Church of the Nazarene. NBC is approved by the Church of the Nazarene International Board of Education for training leaders toward ordination or commission in the ministries of the Church of the Nazarene. NBC provides educational courses for ordination, but does not ordain people.

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Institute for Ministry Enrichment

Continuing Education / Lifelong Learning

Nazarene Bible College, in an effort to provide ministerial continuing Christian education through an online delivery system, has created the Institute for Ministry Enrichment. This service to the church is designed as a high quality, low cost program that can benefit the clergy in every church.

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