Alliance for Ministry Education

Alliance for Ministry Education

Alliance for Ministry Education

The Alliance for Ministry Education is an organization of participating Church of the Nazarene District Training Centers (DTC) and Nazarene Bible College (NBC) who work together to provide college-level ministry training at the district level. This training is designed to produce effective ministers and allows persons to fulfill the educational requirements for ordination in the Church of the Nazarene. The curriculum used by the districts follows that of NBC with the provision that certain alternative courses may be designed to meet specific cultural needs. The district Alliance program provides classroom education for students in their cultural context.

Although Nazarene Bible College has no legal or accreditational connection with district training centers, it acts in consultation with these centers in areas of academic excellence and good practice, curricular development, and faculty qualification and development. Each district training center has a board to direct its operation, fund the training center, and make recommendations to the NBC Alliance for Ministry Education office. Each training center board elects a director who has responsibility for daily operations. The NBC administrative responsibility for the Alliance program rests with the NBC executive vice president and academic dean, who represents the administration of NBC and serves as a consultant to district training centers.

Student Academic Portfolio

The Student Academic Portfolio program is administered through the NBC Alliance for Ministry Education office. This innovative program is an option for students who study at a Nazarene District that teaches the NBC Alliance curriculum. It allows district students who become Nazarene Bible College students the option of submitting district course work to NBC through a portfolio for evaluation and possible acceptance. Further information on the Student Academic Portfolio can be found on the Alliance web site,

Model Syllabi

Nazarene Bible College provides to Alliance centers model syllabi for the 24 courses in the Alliance curriculum. The current model syllabi are located on the Alliance website,

Correlation Grids

Correlation grids are provided by Nazarene Bible College to assist districts in correlating past and present ministerial training programs with the current NBC Alliance curriculum. The Alliance web site contains correlation grids for Elder, Chaplaincy, and all Deacon tracks.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the NBC Alliance for Ministry Education office.

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