Covenant Partner Scholarship Initiative

Covenant Partner Scholarship Initiative
Covenant Partner District Proposal

NBC Covenant Partner Scholarship Initiative

NBC is pleased to offer half-tuition scholarships for our English degree and certificate programs and full-tuition scholarships for our Spanish degree and certificate programs to students who come from covenant partner churches AND districts. This will be a life changing blessing to many of our students and the churches they serve.

Covenant Partner districts make a good faith commitment for the NBC Annual Offering of 1/10 of 1% of the combined church income of all the churches on the district. For example, a district whose combined church income is $10,000,000 will set a district NBC Annual Offering goal of $10,000. This is not an amount pledged in addition to local church giving; it is the sum total of the local church annual offering giving. For further detail, see the District Covenant Partner Proposal below.

Covenant Partner churches contribute 1/10 of 1% of their annual church income to the NBC Annual Offering. For example, a church that raises $100,000 will give at least $100.00. This giving counts toward the district composite goal.

Beginning in the 2023 Fall term (August 1) every NBC student who is a member of a covenant partner church AND district will be eligible to receive the covenant partner scholarship. See the District Covenant Partner proposal below for details on student eligibility.

Check back here for a continually updated list of covenant partner districts.

Covenant Partner District Proposal

NBC agrees to:

  • Provide scholarship equivalent to half the current rate of tuition to your students in our English degree & certificate programs who are members of a Covenant Partner church. Provide scholarship equivalent to half the current rate of tuition to your students in our Spanish degree & certificate programs who are members of a Covenant Partner church.
  • Provide updates to the district office at least bi-annually regarding giving from each church.
  • Provide at least bi-monthly NBC Annual Offering promotions to each church via email.
  • Provide at least one hard copy mailing to each church promoting participation in the Annual Offering.
  • Provide a complete array of Annual Offering resources for download at our website.
  • Provide a personalized video from our president to any church who requests it.
  • Provide printed promotional materials to any church who requests them.
  • Call each church personally to ask for their Annual Offering participation at the 1/10 of 1% level.
  • Invite each church who gives in the annual offering to increase their commitment and become a Presidential Partner church ($1,000/year). This will move your district closer to its Annual Offering goal and provide some margin for churches who may not participate.

The Covenant Partner District agrees to:

  • Set their district's NBC Annual Offering goal at 1/10 of 1% of total church income (of all churches).
  • Promote the Annual Offering to churches stressing the benefit to the district's NBC students.
  • Work with NBC to recruit Presidential Partner churches (whose $1,000/year giving will count toward the district goal).
  • Be prepared to supplement church giving as necessary from individual donors or district funds in order to meet the district's Annual Offering goal.

A qualifying student is eligible for the covenant partner scholarship if he or she is:

  • Enrolled in a degree program or MPP/PPM certificate program,
  • A member of a local church and district who have both formally entered a covenant partnership with NBC.

This scholarship opportunity:

  • Is for tuition only (excludes fees and books).
  • Will not exceed 50% of the actual billed cost of tuition (100% for Spanish programs) when combined with other institutional aid (scholarships/grants).
  • Will not exceed the actual billed cost of tuition for the term when combined with federal grants and/or outside grants/gift aid. Institutional scholarships will be reduced to resolve any excess aid. Federal student loans are not included when determining excess aid.
  • Is awarded after the partnership is confirmed for any subsequent terms in the current academic year. It is not retroactive to prior terms or applicable to the current term of enrollment.
  • Will be reviewed on an annual (academic year) basis for both student eligibility and available funding.