Covenant Partner District Proposal

NBC Covenant Partner Scholarship Initiative

Nazarene Bible College has proposed a special level of partnership with Nazarene districts and their churches that would give an annual scholarship equivalent of up to half the current rate of tuition (full tuition for the Spanish programs) to every NBC student who is a member of a Covenant Partner church and a Covenant Partner district.

The details are below, but this means your church and district might have partnered with us to provide you with significant scholarships for your ministry training at NBC! Check to see if your district is one of our Covenant Partners and talk to your pastor about whether your local church is participating.

Covenant Partners

A qualifying student is eligible for the covenant partner scholarship if he or she is:

  • Enrolled in a degree program or MPP/PPM certificate coursework,
  • A member of a local church and district who have both formally entered a covenant partnership with NBC.

The following is an example of a degree student taking two 3 credit courses and an MPP student taking two 1 credit courses in a given term. Your exact situation might not be represented here; please reach out to your academic advisor for further discussion.

  Degree Student
with Full Pell Grant
Degree Student
with no Federal Aid
MPP Student
Tuition for 2 courses within a given term 2,388 2,388 396
Pell Grant* -1,723
Other Aid -300 -300
Remaining Due 365 2,088 396
Covenant Partner Scholarship -365 -1,194 -198
Out of Pocket
(plus applicable fees and books)
$0 $894 $198

*When Pell Grant exceeds 50% tuition, books purchased with an eCampus voucher and fees may also be covered.

This scholarship opportunity:

  • Is for tuition only (excludes fees and books).
  • Will not exceed 50% of the actual billed cost of tuition (100% for Spanish programs) when combined with other institutional aid (scholarships/grants).
  • Will not exceed the actual billed cost of tuition for the term when combined with federal grants and/or outside grants/gift aid. Institutional scholarships will be reduced to resolve any excess aid. Federal student loans are not included when determining excess aid.
  • Is awarded after the partnership is confirmed for any subsequent terms in the current academic year. It is not retroactive to prior terms or applicable to the current term of enrollment.
  • Will be reviewed on an annual (academic year) basis for both student eligibility and available funding.

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