Annual Offering

Donations with a Purpose

The Annual Offering

The Annual Offering is an offering from every USA Nazarene Church.


NBC scholarships are described in the Catalog.

The Samaritan Fund

The Associated Student Government has established a fund to assist campus students and their families in emergencies. Requests should be channeled through the vice president for church relations and student success.

Lyle Potter Loan Fund

Evangelist Lyle Potter established an emergency loan fund to assist campus students through times of crisis on a short-term basis. Requests should be submitted to the vice president for finance.


Gifts may be given to endow a "Chair" in some specific area of study. For example: the college has the Stowe Chair of Pastoral Care. This fund is endowed and helps to provide funds for a professor who teaches in the field of pastoral care.

Other Gifts

Individuals may contribute cash and personal or real property for the ongoing needs of the college or for an area of emphasis for which the donor has a burden and passion.

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Your Donations Open Doors


Money donated to the college impacts students in a variety of ways. For example, the cost of tuition at NBC is lower per semester hour than it is in many other private colleges or universities. A primary reason for this is the level of denominational support the college receives, which includes money from the Annual Offering. The actual cost of Christian education at NBC is significantly higher than the tuition charge to the student. That difference is bridged by the generous donations from friends and donors of the college. Therefore, a gift to NBC is an investment in the future of the church and the lives of people who will minister in the name of Christ.

Your donations also provide state-of-the-art technology for students.

How Much Should I Donate?

All gifts to the college help greatly. For example, the Annual Offering average gift per church last year was slightly under $100 per church. Yet, if all of the churches in the USA had participated with only $25 per church average, the total offering would have increased. While we need the large donations from some churches, total participation of all churches would be highly valuable. Donations for the scholarship funds and the emergency financial assistance funds combine to help a significant number of students. The funds for an endowed chair require a total donation of $500,000. This size donation may be made by one individual or many individuals giving together to meet that amount. In other words, your gift of any size is both appreciated and tremendously beneficial.

Tax Benefits

There are tax benefits for most donations given by individuals or corporations. The manner by which the donation is given will determine the benefit. Nazarene Bible College is a non-profit corporation. Thus, all cash donations qualify for a tax deduction on the donor's Form 1040. The manner in which gifts, by means of trusts, bequests, personal or real property, stock, etc., would be given would determine the tax benefits. The college does not employ a specific tax advisor but would encourage potential donors to contact NBC and the Nazarene Foundation office.

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