Presidential Partners

Presidential Partners
Scott J Sherwood, President

Scott J Sherwood, President

A Trustworthy Partner

Greetings from the Nazarene Bible College President’s Office. As a pastor and district superintendent, I experienced the need for local churches and districts to have a trustworthy partner in preparing ministers. Since 1967, NBC has been one such trustworthy partner preparing adults for evangelism, discipleship, and ministry through local churches across the USA and Canada.

Each year for 54 years, local churches have faithfully supported the NBC Annual Offering. Thank you! If your church does not currently participate in the NBC Annual Offering, will you please consider adding your Bible College as a line item in your budget and presenting this giving opportunity to your people?

Presidential Partners

As the new president of NBC, I invite you to a new level of partnership. If you as a church or individual would be willing to give $1,000.00 or more per year to NBC and pray 1,000 seconds per year for NBC, I invite you to be one of the first NBC Presidential Partners.

In turn, you will receive:

  • my personal cell phone number
  • a personal call from me once each year to pray with you (If you are praying for us, we want to be praying for you.)
  • a monthly collection of stories of NBC students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends evangelizing, discipling, and ministering
  • a personal invitation (for a party of two) to our annual graduation celebration (commencement) in the Kansas City area and an NBC Presidential Partners Banquet (While travel and lodging would be at your own expense, the banquet is our treat.)

Every dollar you send to NBC will be used to equip every student you send to NBC to be enthusiastic advocates of Nazarene doctrine, ethics, and mission. This is your school, and we are committed to being a trustworthy partner.

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With great gratitude to our Lord and His church,

Scott J Sherwood, President
Nazarene Bible College