Student Leadership

Student Leadership
Is God Calling You to be a Servant Leader?

Is God Calling You to be a Servant Leader?

The Apostles, Luther, Wesley, Williamson, Strickland, and thousands of lesser-known servant leaders have wholeheartedly pioneered the cause of Christ during some of history's darkest days. They saved individuals and whole sections of society from self-destruction by taking the Gospel to the frontiers of sin and evil. Williamson and Strickland were the stalwart pioneers who dreamed and planted Nazarene Bible College.

Our times cry out for contemporary pacesetters to make it happen again. God sometimes surprises his people by turning the worst of times into the best of times by the way he uses people like those now preparing at Nazarene Bible College. And you could be among them.

Even in morally distressing times, God wants everyone saved. His plan for achieving this purpose is to raise up a new generation of radical servant leaders with unflinching convictions, a tenacious grasp of truth, and a warm heart for people. He wants to empower persons whom difficult circumstances cannot intimidate or stop.

Trailblazers are needed who have souls sold out to God, willing to pay any price for spiritual awakenings in every place. They are God's answer to a poet's prayer.

"Renew in us, Almighty God, the spirit of the pioneer,
Those giant men, those women of the rugged path,
Who smiled at fears and daily gave impossibilities the laugh.
New frontiers lift their rock heights,
New deserts stretch before our years;
Renew in us, Almighty God, the spirit of the pioneers."

Ralph S. Cushman