Nazarene Bible College

A Young School With a Special Purpose

Founded in 1964 by the Church of the Nazarene to train adults for ministry, Nazarene Bible College officially opened its doors in 1967. The organizing purpose continues—to especially train for ministry persons who are called after the normal college age or who are prevented from pursuing other forms of ministry training because of limiting circumstances such as heavy family responsibilities. In the short years of her history, Nazarene Bible College has prepared more than 20% of all Nazarene pastors.

The full-time faculty at NBC has more than 150 years of practical experience in pastoral or staff roles in churches of all sizes.

Someone a Lot Like You is Already Here

Nazarene Bible College is a caring family of believers committed to following the will of God into a variety of ministries. Your first fax, letter, or phone call will open an adventuresome door to lifelong friendships with students and faculty.

New students experience a sense of belonging on the opening day of school or even earlier. Age, experience, background, education, family size, and length of one's Christian walk make little difference here. All are welcomed and recognized as workers in the making.

Nazarene Bible College ministers primarily to adult students; the average student age is 38, and the typical family includes two or more children. The student body consists of new converts, experienced believers, retirees, and second-career people. Many leave good jobs, sell homes, and dispose of businesses to come. Student, spouse, and family all make adjustments and give up some measure of security to take those adventuresome first steps into ministry.