Administrative Services

Administrative Services
Dedicated Faculty


Faculty members and administrators have an open-door policy toward all students for encouragement, prayer, and guidance.

  • The president of the college is readily available to students.
  • The provost advises students regarding their general educational plans, choice of programs, vocational planning, curricular problems, difficulties with study, and withdrawals from college.
  • The admissions office assists students in application and acceptance to the college.
  • The academic advising office advises students regarding enrollment in their academic programs.
  • The vice president for finance advises students regarding tuition, expenses, and emergency assistance.
  • The director of financial aid gives guidance relating to veterans assistance, student aid programs, and scholarships.
  • The registrar assists students with academic records, credit transfer, and attendance policies.
  • The business office (controller) is responsible for all matters related to students’ accounts.

Counseling Services

Counseling resources are provided to students in a variety of ways. Faculty members, administrators, and staff seek to be models of Christian care to all students and try to be alert to student needs.

Career Services

The ministry is both a profession and a calling. It is essential that both areas are developed and enhanced. Nazarene Bible College is committed to academic and practical programs designed to educate students for service and leadership. The faculty works hard to make the online classroom a learning and stretching experience. The administration spends much of its time in advisement, public awareness of the value of our students. However, Nazarene Bible College does not guarantee job placement.

The College offers the following Career Services through various offices to facilitate students’/graduates’ job searches:

  • Recommendations – Administrators and Faculty members are pleased to provide recommendations for individual students upon request.
  • Academic records will be sent by the Registrar's Office for students/graduates with a zero account balance upon written request from the student/graduate.
    • An official academic transcript may be requested online by the student/graduate through Parchment.
    • NBC students can access a digital, unofficial version of their academic transcript through their student portal.
  • Christian Service Opportunities
    • The NBCommunicator publicizes open ministry positions submitted by Nazarene Districts for NBC students’/graduates’ consideration.
    • A listing is published in NBCommunicator at the sole discretion of NBC leadership and does not presuppose a recommendation, endorsement, or act as a testimonial for the church, ministry, or student applicant.
    • To submit an open ministry position, please contact the Executive Assistant to the President’s Office.

Interventions for Student Success

Each degree-seeking student regardless of major or denominational affiliation will take a Student Development Inventory (SDI) three times during their degree program at NBC. The SDI will be taken during the following courses: NBC Experience (beginning), Ministry Progress Review (mid-point) and Graduate Exit Interview (conclusion). All NBC students are required to participate in this process regardless of denominational affiliation.