Church Ministries

Church Ministries




The A.A.Min. degree with a concentration in Church Ministries is a 64-semester-hour program designed to prepare the graduate for service as a lay minister in the area of church ministries, including such roles as minister of visitation or evangelism minister.

Church Ministries


Completion of this program should enable students to:

  • Grow in Christlike character as ministers and persons.
  • Explain essential Christian beliefs for practical application in ministry.
  • Apply what is being learned in local ministry context.

Course Requirements

General Education

Course Course DescriptionHours
ENG1013 English Composition I3
ENG1023 English Composition II3
GEN1003 Lifelong Learning Skills3
HIS2023 Western World/Emerging Modern Society3
MTH1003 General Mathematics3
PSY1013 Introduction to Psychology3
SCI2013 General Physical Science3
SPE1003 Principles of Public Speaking3
THE3013 Introduction to Christian Thought3
  General Education Elective1
  28 hours

Bible and Theology

Course Course DescriptionHours
BIB1013 Introduction to the Old Testament3
BIB1023 Introduction to the New Testament3
BIB2003 Biblical Interpretation3
  9 hours

Courses Specific to the Church Ministries Concentration

Course Course DescriptionHours
BIB2013 Pentateuch3
BIB2033 New Testament Gospels3
CEM2133 Leadership of Christian Educational Ministries3
OTR2013 Global Evangelism3
PAS1013 Introduction to Christian Service3
PAS1023 Spiritual Formation3
  Bible Elective3
  Pastoral Ministries or CEM Electives6
  27 hours

Total required for graduation 64 hours